Community Boards

The reduction in size of Toronto City council from 47 to 25 members represents an amazing opportunity for the city, or province, to implement legislated residential Community Boards (CBs) to ensure formal, fair and democratic participation by residents in the governance of the city.  For additional information on the functions of CBs, please take the time to read the Opinion piece published in the Etobicoke Guardian on August 30, 2018:

25-ward Toronto represents an amazing opportunity for residents.

Legislated Resident Community Boards are an important requirement for Toronto.  The CBs provide a process of conduct and communication between residents and Toronto City Hall that include all the necessary elements for “good governance” of City affairs.  You may review the definitions of characteristics of “good governance” here.

Legislation has been drafted (2014) for Toronto Community Boards based on the New York City Charter for discussion purposes.

The 2018 operating budget for City Council is $20,471,400 (net) for 44 Councillors, or $469,259 per Councillor

To ensure the continual renewal and diversity of Toronto City Council, two-term limits should be imposed as follows:

2XX-1. Public Policy.

It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the city of Toronto to limit to not more than eight consecutive years the time elected officials can serve as mayor or council member so that elected representatives are “citizen representatives” who are responsive to the needs of the people and are not career politicians.