I am the only Candidate who is actively working at the OMB/LPAT to have additional and adequate Parkland included in the Mimico by-the-Lake Secondary Plan and the Mimico-Judson Secondary Plan for residents.  This has been an uphill battle against the City, which is taking advantage of the fact that residents are uninformed, misinformed and disengaged.  Inaction on the part of residents will ensure too much population density with inadequate parkland for the minimum additional 15,000 people expected for these two Mimico neighbourhoods combined.



1. We receive constant complaints that there is no public washroom in the park when, in fact, there is – in the Power House. It is only open during the winter skating season. Will you push Toronto Parks to keep it open at all times?

Yes – The Public Washroom should be open all year round.

2.  How would you deal with the increasing concerns many of us have around vandalism, night fires/parties and off-leash dogs in the park?

The Park should be on the regular Police vehicle patrol, with Police aware of these problems, and to be ready to address these problems while on their patrol.

3.  As an elected member of Toronto City Council and a custodian of a precious resource, what will you do to preserve biodiversity and natural heritage in your ward and across Toronto?

I am a strong supporter of biodiversity and natural heritage, and strongly appreciate all the efforts of residents who participate in watching over, speaking up for, informing themselves, and advocating on behalf of our parks and natural habitat. I will continue to strongly support the efforts of residents to preserve green spaces throughout the Ward and the City.

4.  Parks are often seen as a place for primarily active pursuits. Please state your views about the value of easily-accessible quiet, natural green spaces for passive activities that promote mental health.

I strongly believe in the value of easily-accessible quiet, natural green spaces for passive activities that promote mental health. People need to connect with nature for simple peace of mind. Green spaces must provide an opportunity for both active and passive enjoyment of the outdoors.
What is your overall vision for green space, particularly along the waterfront, in Ward 3?We must expand and protect what we have. The last remaining green space on the waterfront in South Etobicoke, along the Mimico apartment strip, is under threat of over-development, with a refusal by the City to admit their population estimates for the Secondary Plan are too low (wrong) by many thousands of people, based on the square footage of their proposed high-rise developments, and refusal by the City to include sufficient, new parkland for any additional new population in the Secondary Plan.

5.  Would you be willing to share publicly the City’s future plans for the newly refurbished Power House and also invite public input in to those plans?

Absolutely. The City is to represent the best interests of the public. In order to determine what those interests are, the City must consult on a regular basis with residents on all public matters. Any plans for the Power House should be discussed first with the public, and again at appropriate intervals to ensure the public interests are included and protected throughout the project.