Peggy is your Candidate
for Ward 3 Etobicoke-Lakeshore

I believe I am the best representative for this Ward because I am prepared to take action to address failures of our governance systems. As secretary of the Lakeshore Planning Council residents’ association, I have drafted dozens of letters to City Council and Staff, requesting information and changes, filing appeals and attending at the OMB, and going door-to-door with petitions. I have prepared draft legislation for Resident Community Boards based on the NYC Charter legislation.

Toronto City Hall is operating on a mind-set existing before amalgamation. The failures of the system are evident: inadequate housing and transportation, 29% of children and 10% of seniors living in poverty, an overall drop in median income, with many people working in precarious, part-time or multiple jobs. I am prepared to propose and advance government policies, and efficient and democratic management practices, to move Toronto from stagnation to actively addressing these problems.

Residents of Toronto are entitled to “good governance” practices in all areas of City of Toronto municipal governance.

– Peggy Moulder